About us

Fleet Audits is a small, totally independent strategic consultancy that specialises exclusively in the vehicle fleet market. Our aims are simply to use our expertise and knowledge of all parts of the fleet market, to optimse clients' fleet and mobility positions.

We work with the client to understand what are the real demands for business travel. This will vary enormously depending on the clinet, their market sectors, their own growth and development plans - and with many other factors. While there are many fundamentals, every organisation has its own specific circumstances and context.

Our Managing Director Stewart Whyte founded the company in 1983, "to bring big-fleet expertise to smaller organisations". The process took off, and soon many big fleets were looking for support as well.

Over the years, the detailed nature of the work has varied. The core activity is the full review of the client's fleet and general business mobility, to identify the current levels of efficiency, as well as any specific areas of potential risk. Then, by looking at where the business expects to be in 5 - 7 years, we build a migration strategy so that over the period (usually covering at least one full replacement cycle), the strategy bocomes ideally suited to the true needs of the business.

We also undertake many partial audits or reviews, in specific areas like use of rental cars; the best fuel strategy to balance costs against environmental demands and taxation; optimising replacement strategies, and many other possibilities.

As well as our own immediate resources, we work with carefully selected partners with overlapping and complementary expertise. This allows us to deal effectively with all sizes, styles and sectors of business, to improve their operation, and to reduce mobility costs.


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