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'Business travel by motor vehicle' is a high cost area of overhead, where effective management makes a very positive difference. Research indicates that the total costs of mobility to the business will be significantly lower where there are sound, well-designed policies that address the specific circumstances, than where fleet control and grey-fleet activity is relatively unmanaged/ uncontrolled. These very real cost savings can be up to 15% of the total annual mobility budgets!

The main objective of a fleet manager - irrespective of their actual job-title - must be to run the fleet of vehicles cost-effectively, safely, and fully in line with the needs of the business. Similarly, the use of employee-owned cars for business travel - the grey fleet - needs its own set of controls that are closely allied to the fleet system. This may not seem very daunting, but if you look closer, ití's much more complex.

  • How safe is "safely"?
  • Is "cost-effective" much more than simply achieving big front end discounts?
  • What are the real needs of the business in terms of its transport - and how well do current arrangements really meet these needs?

Fleet Audits answers these questions (and many more) through our range of practical training courses that we now been providing to the UK fleet market for around 30 years.

These specialist courses run at various levels according to job role and experience.  The menu bar on the left provides details for each of the individual courses we offer.  In addition, we also offer bespoke training courses for both fleet operators and supply-chain businesses like manufacturers and leasing companies.

We also offer environmental and other specialist courses to support development of all fleet management functions. 

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