As well as our core activity of strategic audits, we also have a portfolio of other support services designed to assist the fleet operator in more specific and targeted areas.  Some of these services are one off projects such as fleet benchmarking, where the consultancy will compare your fleet policy and remuneration package with other peer companies at one specific point in time.  This enables policy re-writes to consider peer company remuneration packages to maximise cost effectiveness and the recruit/ retain balance.

Other services are ongoing, such as the provision of Whole Life Cost (WLC) vehicle allocation listing.   These are designed to provide a regular management choice list of vehicles based on the client's individual operating parameters and profile.  This forms the basis of the fleet allocation policy and is generally provided as an ongoing service with regular updates.

For all our major service offers we provide an initial "no cost - no obligation" meeting to assess your needs, and will provide a detailed and fully costed proposal demonstrating how our services can bring benefits to your fleet operation!

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