Advanced Fleet Management

Our Advanced course is a ten-day (five, two day modules) semi-residential course designed for the more senior Fleet Manager focusing on major strategy areas, across the full spectrum of car and van fleet operations.  It also looks at the role and responsibilities of fleet managers to increase their levels of professionalism and dynamism.  Elements of personal development are included through a range of tasks and assignments to sharpen presentational and report writing skills.

What does the course include?

  • The context of UK Fleets
  • Vehicle selection and acquisitions
  • Maintenance control and vehicle warranties
  • Disposals and replacement cycles
  • Fuel, choice, cost & control
  • Fleet Policy reviews and writing policy documentation
  • Funding & Taxation
  • Cash Flows
  • Insurance and accident/ Duty of Care/ on-road risk management
  • Environmental Aspects of Fleet Management
  • Contract/ supplier management
  • Personnel management
  • Strategic planning


Is this is the right course for me?

The Advanced Fleet Management course has been carefully designed to meet the needs of :

  • Senior Fleet Managers or Director who are directly involved in fleet policy

  • Fleet Managers who have been tasked to reduce fleet operating costs

  • Those involved in fleets undergoing significant change

We try and ensure that there is a good delegate mix on each course from both Public and Private sectors as delegates get great benefit of from sharing their experience and expertise.  In addition to the formal tuition, many delegates keep in touch both with us and with their fellow delegates over the long term.

Links to the full current syllabus document and booking form (with course dates) can be accessed through the menu bar on the left hand side, or if you would like to find out more about the Advanced Fleet Management course, please contact our training team at or telephone +44 (0)1730 266 666

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