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Arms Length Tendering

Tendering for fleet services can be a complex and time consuming exercise, requiring a strong marketplace knowledge of the suppliers and services available.  In the tender documentation you need to ask the right questions and know how to process and evaluate the responses.

Fleet Audits provide a complete "arms length" tendering service from drafting the Invitation to Tender, through to final "beauty parades" for the short listed suppliers.

This service includes:

  • Defining in clear and unambiguous terms, exactly what is required
  • Drafting the Invitation to Tender (ITT) documentation, in ways which will encourage bidders to respond positively and competitively
  • Evaluating bids against a weighted evaluation matrix so that all bids received can be judged against a common base
  • Undertaking the full Tender Evaluation, at both qualitative (cost) and quantitative (service delivery) levels
  • Finalising the short-list of candidates, with full explanations of their strengths and weakness and areas of innovative
  • Creating and drafting meaningful Service Level Agreements
  • Providing support for the final short listed interviewees

Fleet Audits can provide this arms length tendering for both standard fleet services or for modified or specialist vehicle fleets (within the public sector and emergency services) and have extensive experience tendering through OJEC.


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