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Fleet Health Checks

We have revised our entry-level support for clients, recognising the impacts of the current (late 2008) market conditions.  Businesses need to look at the costs of business travel, not just by “company car” – but including mileage allowances, PCP/ ECOS schemes and cash allowance arrangements.

So Fleet Audits now provides a basic, low-cost "Health Check" service for all business travel arrangements by car or van. This offers a quick and easy way to identify if there are any serious problems for which urgent attention is needed.  This service is less intensive than a full audit – but is designed to address all the key, high-cost areas of fleet (including “grey fleet” activity) operation, at a very low cost. 

The client’s current costs in these areas is compared to robust peer averages, to provide a clear picture of the relative costs of all these forms of business mobility, for cars and vans.  Our written report will identify all the quick wins; to reduce costs and fuel consumption, and prioritise management actions with projected impact and cost reductions, and an action plan for implementation.

Because it concentrates on the major running cost areas, this process gives clients a key-point programme for cost reduction – usually self-funding from the savings within a matter of weeks or months.

As well as cost reduction, the process provides comment on the inventory and allocation policy, with attention to the implicit cost consequences from VED, other tax types, and the used car and van markets. During 2008, all of these areas have seen very significant shifts which are already starting to hit fleet budgets hard.  Yet relatively simple changes can start to get the fleet in better shape, starting more or less immediately!  We also cover a CO2 emissions assessment of your fleet (the “carbon footprint”) and comment on the on-road risk profile (now an essential part of business travel management under Duty of Care obligations).

We use our tried and tested ranges of methodology, looking at the JOURNEY, the VEHICLE, the DRIVER, and the overall fleet SYSTEM to identify how well these provide for normal business activity at lower costs.

The process is quick and easy.  We have a proven track record of reducing fleet costs, starting now – and without compromising the core business activities of our clients.

Contact us for details: 01730 266666 or info@fleet-audits.com.

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